About this Lesson

This video is just a snippet of what BioSwing is all about. There are 7 principles to playing better golf and the full story is revealed in the brand new DVD, BioSwing - the golf swing of the future. You can get immediate access to the complete scientific secrets for just $4.95. Click the button below to get started.

  • More distance with less effort
  • Mechanical advantage that reduces strain and improves performance
  • Simple fundamentals that remove confusion
  • A physical and mental advantage because you're working with your natural biomechanics
  • The real secret why the pros can make the golf swing look so easy

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Video is almost 20 minutes of ground breaking golf instruction that has used the power of biomechanics to unearth the real secrets of the golf swing. There is no complication or difficult things to remember as BioSwing is the "golf friendly" version of the results. The DVD is a professionally produced recording and is available in HD or SD.

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  • Q.Why is this different from all other golf swing instruction?

    A.Because it is based on independent biomechanic research. The goal of the research was to find the answers to the golf swing, not prove any specific theory. BioSwing gives you a physical and mental advantage because it works with the natural biomechanics of your body.

  • Q.Science. All this sounds complicated...

    A.It’s not. BioSwing has been expertly translated so it’s easy to understand for the golfer. There are no complicated theories or difficult rules to remember. If you can throw and catch a ball you have the necessary talent to incorporate BioSwing into your game.

  • Q.I play a lot of golf, how come I haven't heard of BioSwing?

    A.It has never been officially launched to the wider golf market before. Plus, it has been developed and further refined in Australia over the last 10 years. Australia is a tiny golf market but a perfect testing ground.

  • Q.Will it help me?

    A.We think so. BioSwing will simplify the mechanics of the swing for you. No longer will there be confusion and self-doubt as to what you need to do. You can focus on the key concepts and start to hit the ball with more freedom – from here power and accuracy will result.

  • Q.What's this mechanical advantage you talk about?

    A.A mechanical advantage gives your game a boost in the right direction. BioSwing works with the natural biomechanics of your body, so as a result you’ll learn to swing with more power while using the least amount of effort. You’ll get more distance, a better swing without placing your body under undue stress. BioSwing greatly reduces the chance of injury and limits the stress on your back, shoulders, hips, wrists and arms.

  • Q.Do any PGA players use BioSwing?

    A.This is a good question. While we don’t think any PGA players at this stage have specifically adopted BioSwing, we can show you countless examples where all great players follow the principles outlined. In fact, with the Flat Spot Principle, almost every golf champion adheres to it and is probably the scientific secret that separates all level of player.

  • Q.What's the catch? Less than $5 seems too good to be true.

    A.There is no catch. We wanted to give you an irresistible offer and make your decision easy for you. For $4.95 you get immediate access to the high quality DVD. There’s no catch and if you don’t like it we’ll even refund the purchase price for you.

  • Q.Can you sum up BioSwing in a sentence or two?

    A.BioSwing was developed from a complicated and detailed biomechanic research protocol that has been translated into a useable golf swing model golfers. With BioSwing you’ll learn the proper mechanics of the golf swing that will allow you to swing better, with more power (and accuracy) using the least amount of effort.